Saturday, December 29, 2012

The End of December.
Take heart my friend, December is nearly over. We'll be back to routine in no time flat. The Christmas decor will be tucked safely away in boxes and on shelves.  New gadgets received as gifts will be used on a regular basis, that is after we find their new home.  I've always loved this time of year with garden catalogs that arrive in the mailbox.  I don't usually order a great deal but I always love looking at the foliage and fruits that are on the pages.  For myself, what I love is looking forward to the next season, the freshness of new green and bright fruits and veggies on the horizon.  This year, a new season involves a great deal more for me, for my family and those that chose to call me their friend.
Several "news" are coming to the Good household.  For one, we'll be building an "in-law" apartment in our home and welcoming Mark's parents to join us in our home.  I'm looking forward to this time with them.  Mark's dad has Alzheimer Disease as well as cancer.  Mark's mom is diabetic and has other medical issues that make it wise to have them return to Maryland to be close to all seven of their children.  Our greatest hope is that they be close to family who love them and want to take the best care possible of them.   Of course, we know that this will also be a time of adjustment for all concerned.  We're fully confident that with everyone, from our immediate family to Mark's siblings being a vital part this will be a great adventure to hold dear.  In my mind I see his family being able to have family dinners, playing cards with his parents, and just being able to draw closer with one another as they care for their parents. I am truly looking forward to this season for all of us.
Secondly, my job, which I truly loved came to an abrupt end right before Christmas.  That ending made me truly sad because of the way in which it ended.  Along with the ending of that job, came the ending of our attending the church we have grown over the years to call "our home church"  Sometimes, it seems you just have to move to another home. It's sad. I sincerely dislike seeking a new church.  I absolutely dislike the displacement I feel but I know it was what we had to do. In two-fold I've lost my job and my church. Both will now need to be filled.
A job, a job, a job.....where to even start seeking?  I believe that God calls us into seasons for purposes we may see immediately or we may not see for the reasons for years to come. I can see right now in the immediate time that God has called me to be "home" to prepare in bringing mark's parents in with us. That was an easy call.  Income is needed, however.  I'll be spending much time in prayer and in researching and considering a business to be based from my home.  I have a few ideas whirling around in my mind.  I can also incorporate my son and his wife into these ideas.  Still, whirling around for consideration.
As with all endings and new beginnings, such as a new year, I have my list of resolutions at hand.  Get rid of old, reduce, reuse.  There will be rethinking of how and why things are done.
The seed catalogs are arriving, I plan to put them into use this year.  I plan on working with my mother in law for ideas for the garden out back.  Violet,my mother in laws name appropriately, loves gardens.  I know she misses having a garden.  I plan on letting her "boss me around" (she'd never do that, shes far too gracious) and creating a garden that she can enjoy.
This season of time, as December rapidly comes to a close, will also open more doors, more opportunities  for greater growth, more love to pour in.  I can't wait for December to end. 

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