Sunday, September 5, 2010

To begin my challenge of cooking with seasonal and best priced fruits and veggies I thought it best to use a chart that has that information available. On this chart was handy so I decided to pull it and use it as a guide.
Fall provides many great choices to use for meals, and I love to cook, especially in the cool of the day, not to mention that if I want to use my oven, I don’t have to roast myself in the process of fixing a meal.
The autumn list of fresh produce made available locally include: apples, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, collards, grapes, kale, pears, persimmons, pumpkins ( yum!), winter squash and yams. Of course, other produce is available at the grocery store and I’ll certainly make good use of all I can get.
Rabbit trail: What is with the mosquitoes this year!!!??? I am sitting outside and have been gnawed on by at least ten of those little creeps in less than 3 minutes. Time to spray down………. Ok, back to the work at hand.
This week is seeming to be normal with regular activities, and not pressing too hard on other things happening outside of the normal routine.

Brats (not the mosquitoes)
Potato Salad

Something Korean, made by Khloe the Wonder Girl!
I’ll fill in the blanks on that tomorrow.

Quinoa Zucchini Burgers
Whole Wheat Rolls
Green beans

Whole Wheat Pasta
Simple tomato sauce

Got to keep that light, it’s kickball night

Vegetarian Wedding Soup
Crusty Italian bread

Its Friday….Pizza!


  1. EiEiYi....5:42...I still need to go to the grocery store. Dinner may actually hit at 8pm at the rate I'm moving. Why are some days like this? I guess I can go ahead and get the green beans ready to cook at least.