Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1 Thessalonians 5:18 give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. That's a pretty clear instruction from the Lord, wouldn't you say? We all face times in our lives where we hit some pretty rocky roads. That's pretty much been this year for me. I always look forward to the Autumn months. In September, I love the warmth of the days and the way the shadows grow long as the season prepares to change. Bonfires on a cool autumn evening with friends always bring me smiles. The colors of the changing season, from the warm purples and faded pinks of flowers that dot the side of the roads, along with an accent of white lacy wildflowers and weeds just bring me a sense of calm. While moving into October, I love how the air switches to cooler evenings, and getting to haul out the thick sweaters to stay warm on those cooler nights. I love picking out pumpkins,mums, cornstalks and big Honeycrisp apples. A thrill for me, is always decorating the house, with leaves, and wheat stalks, bowls filled with acorns from walks. The colors of October, the kids trick or treating in costumes always make me feel a total comfort that just say, relax, winter is on its way here. November has always represented a time where I reflect back on the year, I love to recount how God has blessed me, blessed my family. I am reminded of God's glorious creation in the absolute magnificence of a November sunset. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than the purples, pinks, oranges that are mixed together and light up the sky? I can't think of too much more beautiful times than that, honestly. It seems like only yesterday when the boys and I would make a brown construction paper tree, and colored paper leaves, and write the things we gave God thanks for during November. These are truly times I treasure inside my heart. The colors of the sky, the smell of soup in a pot,an apple pie baking, the paper leaves hanging from a paper tree on a door in the house, they bring back rich memories for me. I love November best of all the months. This autumn brought with it new meanings for me. On the morning of Saturday, November 5th, my mom, Ellen Shaw left this earth to go live in eternity with her God and Savior. I was amazed by the clear color of the morning,as well as the vibrant colors the leaves had decided to turn that day. The day was so clear to me. As waves of emotion swept over me during the day, I would also see trees so brightly lit by the warm bright sun. By the late afternoon, the sun was casting the last rays of sunlight onto the trees that edge the river by my house. The trees were golden. The sight was breath taking. Autumn will always be my favorite time of year, always. For the rest of my days on earth, I never will be able to look at the light hitting trees on a warm November afternoon without thinking that my mothers first pain free steps in Heaven were days of brightest gold leaves lit up by the light of her precious Savior.

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