Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Making A List

I love lists! I love to make lists! It's accomplishing those lists that trip me up during my day. I guess I've swayed off my "foodie blog" once again. That's alright though. Afterall, life is just not about food. I can't figure out how to post pictures to add to that frustration.
I wrote out a list of Summer-Bucket-To-Do's the other day. I am determined to x off the many items on that list. So many fun things to do. Day to day pieces that make a summer a lot of fun. There are things that I didn't write on my list as well. I have started a Math program, for myself. Why did I not do this years ago? I certainly have put this off for too many years. I have Bible Study on my personal "to do" list. I need to pay more attention to that item and pursue it with priority.
One of my most undaunting listed items is to unpack and reorganize what was packed away from last summers, pack and prepare to move. God blessed us by allowing us to stay in our home. The Lord showed to me how much I take for granted and without thanks to Him for all the Blessings and all the Extra's He gives to us. Now, I unpack boxes, and I am humbled.
He gives to us so much, and I give to Him so very little in return. I am trying to be mindful of giving Him thanks as I unpack each and every item and place them in their new home.
I Thessalonians 5:18 – In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. I unpacked plates, bowls, and serving dishes yesterday. The night before I had mentioned to Mark that I didn't know where the rest of my dishes were. He looked at me like I was insane. My cabinet where I store my plates surely spoke "they're right there!" I knew there were more. He said, "Don't you have enough?" In theory, yes. I have enough plates in that cabinet to feed my family twice over. I unpacked this box and realized that I have enough to host a large dinner. An idea popped in my mind. With Ft. Meade so close I could plan a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner this year for a family, or two...three who may have a deployed family member! Then that began prayer for families who have a loved one deployed in a far away land, including my own! Prayer for those who don't have enough to eat. I have many plates. Prayer for friends. Friends I love to feed. I realized I need another list. A lengthy list that has thoughts for prayer, prayer for those near and far. When you go through your day, don't forget to pray. When you fold your laundry, and you fold a t-shirt that has a Quiksilver design on the front, remember to lift that boy that wears that shirt. When you pick that bowl up left on the table remember to whisper that child's name to the Lord. He knows. As you scrub the sink, the toilet and the floor thank God for the house that He has provided for you. Thank Him for allowing you to serve your family in that task that otherwise seems thankless. Make a list, make two lists just remember to add thanks and prayer to that list. Lists should not ever have an ending.

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